The New York State Education Department has developed a teaching tool for educators in the form of a series of sample questions that demonstrate the instructional shifts in the ELA and math Common Core Standards. These samples are also a good resource to aid students and parents in understanding what the new standards will look like in the classroom. The sample questions are available for grades three through eight in both subjects. For each grade level and subject, there are approximately 12 questions, which include multiple choice, short constructed response, and extended constructed response. Read a more detailed overview of this resource and download the samples through NYSED’s website.

This is a video and lesson resource project. The video modules on this site exemplify the key shifts that the Common Core is bringing to pedagogy in classrooms across the United States.

The American Federation of Teachers and British publishing firm TSL Education have invested $10 million together in an online repository of lesson plans, tools, and supports aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The union hopes it will become the premier destination for teachers seeking to align their instruction with the new student expectations.

Called "Share My Lesson," the site will be free for any K-12 teacher in the United States. Teachers will be able to download, rate, share, and upload tools ranging from lesson plans to videos to assessments, all organized by grade level, content area, and particular skills

The site:

The Tri-State Collaborative, comprised of educational leaders from Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island and facilitated by Achieve, has developed criterion-based rubrics and review processes to evaluate the quality of lessons and units intended to address the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and ELA/Literacy. The rubrics are posted on, along with the slides that explain how to use each rubric.
On March 13, ASCD hosted a webinar on “Creating Communities of Support for Implementing the Common Core State Standards”. The webinar provided information on how district, school, and classroom personnel can collaborate and create communities of support toward successful implementation. Listen to a recording of the webinar and view the associated materials.

Teaching Channel on its upcoming release of new videos that show the progression of teaching a Common Core standard from introduction to mastery; Doing What Works’ Clearinghouse of resources, including a fractions instruction guide for K-8; and an introduction to the Common Core resources on the Center of Instruction’s site, including webinars and teacher guides on Common Core instruction.

Unpacking standards

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has posted a number of Common Core instructional support tools for teachers, including documents unpacking the standards and graphic organizers to assist teachers in engaging students in the new standards. The unpacking documents demonstrate, at a granular level, the knowledge and skills students are expected to master at a particular grade. The content specific graphic organizers are visual representations to assist the student in organizing abstract “big picture” information that is new, overwhelming or misunderstood in the new standards.
Tools, Artcles, Voices of Educators
High-quality resources for educators implementing the Common Core and making them freely available online at:

Free Resource for Teachers: Videos of Common Core LessonsThere are over 70 free videos related to Common Core instruction available on the Teaching Channel. The videos provide lesson ideas, an overview of the ELA and Math standards, and demonstrations of teaching practices. Videos vary in length from five to thirty minutes. Communicating Locally: Frederick County (MD) Public

Schools Produces “Eye on Common Core” Video Series
For an example of communicating with local parents and community members on the Common Core State Standards, visit Frederick County Maryland’s new TV series, “Eye on the Common Core.” The first episode of the series, which focused on how the Common Core Standards will affect the district’s Secondary Math curriculum, recently aired on the district’s local public access channel.Center for

Education Policy Report on Common Core ImplementationOn January 25, 2012, the Center on Education Policy (CEP) released a report, //Year Two of Implementing the Common Core State Standards: States’ Progress and Challenges//. This report, the second in a series by CEP about state implementation of the CCSS, is based on a fall 2011 survey of 35 Common Core State Standards-adopting states (including the District of Columbia), and examines states’ progress in transitioning the new standards.

REL Program Releases Reports on College Reading and Common Core State StandardsThe Regional Educational Laboratories recently released a series of studies, including: